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there's always hope...

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first part last - reading response

baby names
jesse's real name is jesus andres hernandez jr and he was named after his dad. naming the first born son after the father is a tradition in my family and in my husband's family, as well. my mom was the one who started calling him jesse. she said that she didn't want to call him jesus and that the name jesse was close enough. well, the name caught on and soon everyone was calling him jesse.
when i was pregnant with anthony, my husband and i decided that i would choose the first name and he would choose the middle name. i've always loved the name anthony, i don't know exactly why. my husband chose the name santos because that's his mom's middle name. when it was time to fill out the birth certificate, my husband decided to change the spelling of his middle name (he said it looked better with a 'z' instead of an 's') and so, anthony's full name is anthony santoz hernandez.

first part last - reading response

16 and pregnant
when i first found out i was pregnant with jesse, i told my mom first. i called her and told her over the phone. she said she already knew. she didn't yell at me or put me down, she just told me to wait on telling my dad. i really don't know exactly how she felt when i told her i was pregnant, all i know is that she was there for me, she supported me in every way, and she defended me when people tried to judge me or put me down. i'm pretty sure she was disappointed in me and knew that i would have to work really hard, grow up really fast, and make lots of sacrifices to become a responsible mature parent. she never cried in front of me, which i'm thankful for because seeing my mom cry would tear me up inside. as for my dad, when i told him i was pregnant, he hung his head down, closed his eyes, and walked out of the room. i've never in my life been so disappointed with myself after seeing my dad's reaction. i felt so horrible, so embarrassed. it took my dad a couple of days to come around, but when he did, he was just as supportive as my mom. he even took me shopping for maternity clothes. i was really blessed to have my parents beside me throughout my pregnancy. i love them both very much and i strive to become awesome parents just like them.

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smile, you are loved...

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lindsay ladies celebrate dia de los muertos

another loss, but it's not over yet!

i'm sad to say that my chargers lost yesterday. it was a horribly painful game to watch. the only play that brought a smile to my face was when antonio cromartie #31 (pictured above) ran an all time record 109 yards for a touchdown off of a vikings missed field goal attempt. i'm soooooo upset, i'm not even gonna report the miserable final score. fortunately, all the other teams in our division (the chiefs, the raiders, and the broncos) lost yesterday, as well, leaving the chargers and the chiefs tied for 1rst place, the broncos in 2nd, and the raiders right where they belong...last place!!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

San Diego Chargers vs. Houston Texans

The Mighty Bolts strike again, beating the Texans, 35 to 10.
And the raiders? well...they lost, AGAIN, to the Tennessee Titans!


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welcome to deanna's blog

I know it took a week, and thanks to the Almighty Becky, I finally have my blog background! True Charger fans will appreciate the time and effort that went into this awesome template...don't hate, ENJOY!

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just a little reminder

ladies, i just wanted to remind you that we will be counting dol and history hours on tuesday because report cards are due on friday, so please please please come to school on tuesday and remember to count up your hours and give them to me before you leave. thank you and i can't wait to see you guys, one week off and i miss you guys already, crazy, huh?

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I'm not blogging right now, so leave a message on my stickie and I'll get back to you!

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